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Why us

Why us

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All visa applications are prepared by a fully-licensed Canadian immigration consultant


Our Team will offer the best possible solution that fits your unique situation


We keep you informed of every detail. No missed steps or hidden fees!


Why Canada?

A country with some of the highest standards of living in the world, Canada does not need advertisement as a destination for either Study or Immigration.


Its Colleges and Universities are world class and allow international students to obtain a serious skill upgrade to aid in the subsequent career path. Moreover, international graduates may apply for Post Graduate Working Permit to remain for up to 3 years in Canada, earning valuable work experience and a chance to become Permanent Residents. Canadian Language schools provide an immersive environment like no other for students wanting to learn either English or French. They take advantage of rich and diverse life in Canada's biggest cities to complement in-school classes with day-to-day life experience enhancing words, phrases and concepts in students' minds.


Any visitor feels at ease in Canada! In fact, many visitors feels so good that they want to stay! For this, Canada has an active immigration policy. More than 300,000 people annually become permanent residents. There are hundreds of different organizations in the country that help newcomers to transition to the Canadian reality, to adapt to new diverse cultural environment, to integrate in the community, to find a job and to succeed with the wealth of new opportunities within grasp. As a nation built by immigrants, Canadians appreciate hard-working new arrivals and applaud those that achieve new heights at their new home.



Whether you are looking to learn English or French, explore Canada while learning a language or get a specialized degree, YourCanada Agency always aims to provide profile-specific tailored solution. Tell us more about your case or click below to find out more about the options we offer!

Why study in Canada? CLICK HERE to learn more.

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