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Tailored Solutions

YourCanada Agency offers a comprehensive approach to its Clients.  Our Team assesses each unique profile in order to identify the best solution & plan of action for the client's approval. Once an agreement is reached, we proceed with the meticulous execution of the the plan of action.  

For example*, if you are looking to study in Canada, our Team will:

  • Analyze the profile to determine the level of language proficiency and adherence to academic requirements of the targeted program(s)

  • Select optimal school and corresponding study program 

  • Assist with enrollment

  • Refer the client to Regulated Licensed Immigration Consultant  BV Immigration for all visa related procedures    

  • Upon Visa issuance by Immigration Canada: assist with insurance, accomodations and other requests 

  • If required/applicable, organize airport transfer and assist with administrative issues on first day of school.
    * example for demonstration purpose only


Work with us and receive our support every step of the way!

Please leave your contact details and our Team will reach you.

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